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    Single Sign-On with Allscripts Central

    Allscripts Clients can now access app ratings and pricing quick and easy from the Allscripts Central main menu.

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  • App of the Month: NoteSwift

    Digital Dictation Tools for Professional & TouchWorks EHRs

    Join NoteSwift, a Certified Allscripts Developer Partner, to learn how this innovative app, built on Allscripts Open platform, enables providers to complete a patient note in fewer than 5 clicks.

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  • Allscripts Rapid Install™ Application Deployments

    Helping Practices Improve Care Delivery Quickly

    Open platform enables Allscripts clients to use new apps within minutes after purchase.

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    Pediatric Screening Tools for Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR

    CHADIS, certified for Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR, includes more than 200 web-based pediatric screening tools to facilitate decision support and patient engagement.

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  • Improve Ambulatory Care

    Put Open into Practice

    Save time, increase quality of care and more with solutions designed for integration with your Allscripts EHR.

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  • Improve Outcomes for Your Hospital

    Make the most of your EHR Investment

    The Power of Open provides hospitals with third-party applications designed specifically for Sunrise Acute Care.

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  • Manage Chronic Disease

    Engage your patients with Innovative Technology

    Find Allscripts certified applications designed to communicate, remind and involve patients in their care and help manage chronic conditions.

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